The Extension Window


Viewing the Extension Window

From the main menu select Window - Extensions


Allows selection of extensions to monitor and displays the current status of all monitored extensions.

What the Columns Are

Viewing Available Extensions

Before extensions can be viewed, the phone service must be selected (see the Getting Started section).

From the main menu select Extensions - Get available extensions. A list of all extensions that are available is displayed except if the phone service is MiTai.

Monitoring an Extension

Any changes to an extension's monitored status will occur the next time monitoring begins. Changes made while the phone service is being monitored will not take effect until monitoring is stopped and then re-started.

To toggle the monitoring status of one extension, highlight the extension and then click the Toggle monitoring speed button of select Extensions - Toggle mark for monitoring.

To mark all extensions on the list for monitoring select Extensions - Mark all for monitoring and to remove all extensions on the list from monitoring select Extensions - Unmark unmark all for monitoring.

Adding and Removing an Extension

Some phone services to not provide a list of extensions so the extensions must be added manually. To do so click the Add speed button or select Extensions - Add extension....

To remove an extension that has been added or an extension obtained from the phone service click the Remove speed button of select Extensions - Remove Extension after highlighting the desired extension. If the extension was provided by the phone service then selecting Extensions - Get available extensions will put all removed phone service extension back on the list.

To remove all extensions select Extensions - Remove all extensions.

Refreshing the View

To view the most current state of the monitored extensions click the Refresh speed button or select Extensions - Refresh.