Setup the parameters for the phone service:

From the Phone Service menu selection in the main window enter the following information:

  1. Edit Login Parameters...
     (Only required if using TSAPI) Enter the password and login required for the selected server.
  2. Edit Local Area Codes 
    Enter all local area codes. If more than one, seperate using semicolons.
  3. Edit Restrict Number Extension
    A dialer can restrict the last dialed number so that it can no longer be dialed. To do so, an extension is dialed immediately after hanging up from the call to be restricted. Enter that extension here or leave blank if dialers should not be able to restrict numbers.
  4. Edit PBX Access Code...
    If a number must be dialed in order to access an outside line, enter it here.
  5. Phone Service Type...
    Choose the desired phone service type.

Select the extensions to be monitored:

From the Window menu selection in the main window select Extensions:

From the Extensions menu selection in the main window perform the following:

  1. Click Get available extension to view all available extensions.
  2. If there are any extensions that should not be monitored, highlight that extension by clicking on it and then click Remove Extension
  3. Click Mark all for monitoring to select all the remaining extension for monitoring.
For Mitel MiTai
  1. Click Add Extension... or the Add speed button to display the Adding Extension dialog.
  2. Enter the extension number to be added and click OK.
  3. Repeat the above steps for all extensions to be monitored.

Add numbers to the restricted list

Enable the phone log:

If a log of all inbound and outbound numbers is desired, logging must be enabled. Calls that are blocked are logged even if logging is disabled. It might be desirable to leave logging disabled because the resultant database file can become very large. See the PhoneLog section for more details. If logging is desired:

From the Window menu selection in the main window select Phone Log.

Click the Enable Log speed button or select Phone Log - Enable Logging

Start monitoring:

From the Phone Service menu selection select Monitor Devices.

To start monitoring devices whenever CTIBlok start click Phone Service - Monitor Devices on Startup.