The Phone Log Window

Viewing the Phone Log Window

From the main menu select Window - Phone Log.

What the Columns Are

Enabling Logging

By default, calls are not logged unless they are blocked calls. To log all calls, click the Enable Log speed button so that it is in the down position or select Phone Log - Enable Logging.

Sorting the Phone Log

To sort by Number from lowest to highest click View by Nbr; to sort by extension click View by Ext, click View by Date to sort by date and click View Blocks to vew only blocked calls which will be sorted by Date and Time.

Archiving the Phone Log database

To protect the phone log database in case of corruption or to reduce the size of the database, the database can be archived by selecting Phone Log - Archive.... In the displayed dialog box click the drop-down arrow in the "Archive all entries up to and including" edit box to display a calender to pick a date which determines when to stop archiving. Click the Browse button to select the path and file name of the archive and then check the "Delete log entries after archiving" check box if the archived records are to be deleted after archiving. When ready click Archive to begin the archiving process.

Refreshing the View

To view the most current state of the phone log click the Refresh speed button or select Phone Log - Refresh.