The Restricted List Window

Viewing the Restricted List Window

From the main menu select Window - Restricted Numbers

Terms and Concepts:

The Restricted List window displays a list of all numbers that will be blocked if dialed. The restricted numbers come from two sources... a list maintained by a state or the federal government and numbers added By User usually in response to a request from a prospect asking not to be called again. If a number is user added it is marked true in the By User column. An important difference between a state and user number is that a state number will be removed from the restricted list when importing a new list of state numbers that does not contain that number while a user number will never be removed when importing numbers. Sometimes a state number will be on the restricted list, but the number should be able to be dialed. In this case, the number is an Override and will be marked true in the Override column. The State column will either be empty (it is user added) or it will contain the state abreviation for the state list it was imported from or it will contain GV for the federal do not call list.

Finding a Number

Enter the number in the Find number edit box, starting with the area code and as each number is entered the list will scroll to the nearest matching number.

Filtering Numbers

Select a radio button in the Show group to filter out all numbers that do not match the selected creteria.

Importing Restricted Numbers

Click on the Import speed button or select Restricted Numbers - Import... .

From the sub-menu choose one of the two selections:

Importing of the numbers will commence and the current import status is displayed. At the end of the import process a dialog box will display showing any numbers that were not imported (this is usually because the number was corrupted in the file).

Adding a User Number

Click on the Add speed button or select Restricted Numbers - Add.

Enter the number including the area code and click OK.

Removing a Number

Select the desired number by clicking on it with the mouse.

Click the Remove speed button or select Restricted Numbers - Remove.

Click OK in the resulting confirmation dialog.

Overriding a Number

Overriding a number is similar to removing a number except that the number remains on the restricted list, but the number can be dialed without being blocked. The advantage to overriding a number over removing it is that if another list of state numbers is imported, the number will not be placed back on the restricted list. Only state numbers can be overridden.

Select the desired number by clicking on it with the mouse.

Click the Override speed button or select Restricted Numbers - Override

The state of the override toggles and can be viewed in the Override column.


Archiving should be performed on a regular basis at intervals dependant on how much customization is done to the restricted list. This protects against loss of data should the restricted list database become corrupted.

Click the Archive speed buttons or select Restricted Numbers - Archive .

Navigate to the archive directory and click Open.