Whether you are a call center, brokerage firm or small business CTILink provides an inexpensive link between the PBX and enterprise database. CTILink is highly configurable and supports JScript, VBScript and HTML via it's built in browser window and also includes an extensive COM interface to enable the user to customize both its appearance and behavior.

Using CTILink your business can:
  • Display a vanity screen based on the dialed number (DNIS) so the phone can be answered with the correct greeting. This is must for call centers servicing multiple accounts.
  • When a current customer dials in, "screen pop" his account based on the dialer number (ANI) so the service rep has the full contact data before answering the phone.
  • Dial directly from the contact database. Prevent mis-dialed numbers and speed the dialing process.
  • "Power dial" a list of contacts. Automatically call the next contact on a list when the present call is completed.
  • Integrate Microsoft Outlook with the PBX. On an inbound call, CTILink will display the name associated with the caller number and optionally display the contact record. Dial out from the Contacts folder or from a Contact Record form. Power dial from any contact folder. Maintain a log of all inbound and outbound calls including date, time, name, direction and duration of the call in a journal folder.
  • Telephony enable other CRMs such as TeleMagic, Goldmine and Tigerpaw.
  • Provide full telephone control from the desktop including dial, answer, hold, transfer, conference and outpulse DTMF. If the PBX supports Automated Call Distribution, an agent can log in and out, set Make Busy and Do Not Disturb and call Query ACD all from the CTILink interface.
  • Access all controls via a phone bar that can be placed anywhere on the computer screen or attached as an app bar to the top of the screen where it will not interfere with other applications. The title bar displays the dialing and dialed numbers, the connection state and if available, the name of the caller for received calls or the destination name for dialed calls.
  • Support drag and drop. Dialing is as easy as dragging a number from an application to the CTILink Dial button
  • Provide phone search ranges so that multiple numbers received from the same location will be converted to one search number.
  • Configure up to 10 speed buttons for instant dialing of frequently used numbers.
  • Automate dialing of phone account codes.
  • Include area code, prefix and PBX access code dialing rules. CTILink looks at the area code and prefixes in dialed numbers and provides the correct PBX access code and determines whether local calls should be dialed as long distance.
  • Program specific behavior and design a custom interface using the drop-down browser window which allows scripting in VBScript or JScript and full HTML control.
  • Third party application can access the full power of CTILink via it's powerful design components including an OCX phone bar and extensive COM interface.
  • Control any number of lines and connections limited only by the ability of phone system. This is in contast to most PIMs and CRMs including Outlook that can support only one connection.
  • Deploy as easily on the network as on a single PC. To install on a network, simply install from a workstation to a directory on the server. To install to another workstation, navigate to the CTILink directory on the server and run the CTILink.exe file. All registry entries are made automatically and a shortcut is placed on the workstation desktop.
  • Connect via the industry standards TAPI, TSAPI and CSTA and also proprietary APIs including Mitel's MiTai and soon NEC's OAI.
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