CTI Software provides consulting and programming services to businesses and call centers throughout the nation. By using already designed products such as CTI Link and other COM and TCP/IP modules along with leading edge design tools from companies such as Microsoft, Borland, Sun, Macromedia and Altova we can deliver reliable solutions quickly and economically. Contact us today so that we can help you to:

  • Integrate your PBX to the enterprise database to provide screen pops, vanity screen, help desks and a variety of other integration projects.
  • Create custom power dialers that speed calling campaigns and prevent mis-dialing.
  • Monitor website generated email for specific subjects and/or words to update your database and provide customized responses.
  • Generate mass email mailings by pulling data targeted to specific criteria.
  • Speed and improve your in-house development effort by providing custom designed COM and Intranet clients tailored to your telephony needs.
  • Streamline and improve your existing database or design an entirely new one.